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LMS Hosting

Lingel Learning LMS Hosting and Support goes beyond just keeping it running!

Secure and reliable hosting

All of our LMS Hosting plans come with Virtual Slate, a custom framework built on top of Moodle, the world’s best open source Learning Management System. Some of the popular features of Virtual Slate include:

  • User friendly Dashboard that simplifies administration
  • Fully customisable branding (colours, images & logo)
  • Custom Dashboards (Learner and Admin)
  • Multiple Course Layouts (Accordion, Tabs, Timeline, Grid etc.)
  • Team Management
  • Advanced Reporting and much more…
LMS hosting, development and support
Advanced LMS hosting reports

Get to know your learners, analyse your Moodle data with Virtual Slate

Virtual Slate takes Moodle reporting to a whole new level. Interactive Dashboards allow you to report against your courses, activities, users and then allows you to drill down into detailed reports. Moodle Data can then extracted into excel, pdf or printed. No need to purchase separate software or a plugin, advanced reporting comes standard with Virtual Slate. We are continually adding to our Advanced reports library to simplify the process of analysing your Moodle data.

World best Open Source LMS just got better!

Virtual Slate Plugins

Learning Pathways

A learning pathway template defines a set of competencies which you can assign to a group of users.

Face-to-Face Training

Manage in-person training with multiple sessions, calendar reminders & attendance tracking.

Email Notifications

Remind learners that training is outstanding & even escalate the notifications to management.


Badges are a great way of celebrating achievement, progress and awarding learners.


Create uniquely branded PDF certificates and/or diplomas for students in a course.

Web Conferencing

Students can view & listen to presentations, ask questions & participate in group discussions.

Advanced Reporting

Get a complete picture of your learners with adjustable reports that outlines your learners performance.

Advanced Enrolment

Automatically add users to a cohort based on pre-defined rules related to their profile.

Course pre-requisites

Define a pre-defined path unlocking course/s based on the performance in previous course.

Team Management

Take control of your team and manage your learners through an single interface.

Bulk Actions Utility

Perform actions on multiple resources or activities, rather than repeating actions.


Authenticate using various auth providers. Custom registration forms, fields and more.

2 Months LMS Hosting FREE!

If you pay your LMS hosting annually you receive two months free hosting every year!

How healthy is your LMS?

A poorly implemented Learning Management System can result in a sluggish, error prone environment, frustrated users and poor user adoption. Our health check provides a detailed audit of your LMS and documents recommendations on how to improve your LMS. You don’t even need to host your LMS with us.

LMS hosting health check
LMS hosting performance testing

Ensure your LMS works as expected under variety of load conditions

Our testing can provide valuable information on the weakest parts of your LMS and clues on how to improve them. We assign the largest job your LMS can possibly handle to test the endurance and monitor the results.

Service multiple customers from a single Learning Management System

A multi tenant LMS allows customers to add other organisations as tenants and assign courses/resources to them. Organisations can have one or more administrators that can manage users and enrolments for their environment only. You as the owner will be able to define how many users an organisation (tenant) can add and view detailed reports from a single screen. Each customer can be uniquely branding, with their own logo, colours and imagery.

LMS hosting multi-tenant solution
LMS hosting admin dashboard

Virtual Slate lets you customise your LMS without touching code

Take control of your LMS and brand it the way you want. Avoid expensive development charges and update your Moodle theme through our powerful administration dashboard. Whether it’s changing an image, logo, colour or custom CSS, you can do it all through our user friendly dashboard.

Let us take the guess work out of choosing the right plugins for your Moodle LMS

Plugins are a great way to add functionality. With thousands of plugins available you may not know where to start. That’s why we pre-load Virtual Slate with all you need to run a successful LMS. Check out some of our plugins using the buttons below:

LMS hosting and custom development
LMS hosting and integration

Seamlessly integrate your LMS with your internal systems

At Lingel Learning we have experience with integrating with industry leading HRMS’s, Payroll systems, ERPs and Payment Gateways.

We use web service protocols and open architecture to harmoniously integrate with your internal systems. This allows for the transfer of data between internal systems and therefore creates a more efficient workplace.

Experts in LMS development

We pride ourselves on developing and extending with world’s most popular LMS without modifying its core code. Our experienced team can tailor a solution to fit your requirements and seamlessly integrate our LMS with your internal systems. We have experience in connecting software applications, user authentication and support systems.

Custom LMS development and hosting

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