Multi Tenant LMS

Increase your LMS performance, scalability and reduce your ongoing hosting costs.

Service multiple customers from a single Learning Management System

A multi tenant LMS allows customers to add other organisations as tenants and assign courses/resources to them. Organisations can have one or more administrators that can manage users and enrolments for their environment only. You as the owner will be able to define how many users an organisation (tenant) can add and view detailed reports from a single screen. Each customer can be uniquely branding, with their own logo, colours and imagery.

Does Moodle support multi-tenancy?

Unfortunately, Moodle does not support multi-tenancy out of the box. Lingel Learning has developed a multi-tenant solution based on Moodle that will allow you to setup tenants on your instance of Moodle.

Virtual Slate Multi Tenant Solutions

Benefits of hosting a multi-tenant LMS with Virtual Slate include:

  • Highly customisable branding, more than just a logo and colours
  • Fast-track administration, easily setup new tenants
  • Full classroom management, control the progress of multiple customers
  • Detailed Reports, track the progress of learners across all your customers
  • Off-the-shelf course pack, free with any new multi tenant LMS

Virtual Slate extends the framework of the world’s most popular learning management system, Moodle.

LMS Training courses using Moodle™

Onsite training at your workplace or online training via GoToMeeting and Moodle

Moodle Training

Course Creator

Moodle Training


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