Bespoke eLearning is all about creating a custom course that is tailored to your business needs. Our instructional designers and content writers can ensure your bespoke solution meets your company’s vision, values and culture.

Meet and Greet

We begin by working with you and your subject matter experts to decide the best approach to meeting your specific needs. We will discuss your organisation’s culture, your project, any elearning you currently have in place and what you wish to achieve.

Requirement Gathering

Our requirements gathering includes mapping your educational and functional requirements. We start with defining your educational objectives and then perform a needs analysis of your learning requirements. We also evaluate all technical requirements to ensure all needs are met.

Storyboard and Design

We present a proposal describing our learning methodology, the development process and timeline. Storyboards and wireframes will be included which will prototype the design and functionality.


Our development team makes your eLearning come to life. When this is finished we provide you with a prototype of your project.


You will get formal reviews which will allow you to modify, tweak and tell us how we can improve your project.


Reflection is a vital part of learning. We will work with your team to create a test group who can reflect on each piece of learning and tell us how we can improve upon it.

We are excited about collaborating creatively in the design process and working with clients to deliver change through educational outcomes. We will use our creative thinking caps and the most appropriate authoring tool to meet any knowledge and budget requirement and create a unique, interactive program that will stimulate learners. We will supply knowledge through visual, oral and textual mediums reaching people with various learning styles. We enable learners to discover and create, and solve problems based on realistic situations.

To really make a change in your workplace, learners need to be intrinsically motivated. That’s why we make the learning authentic by including virtual scenarios that are goal oriented. Learners will respond to stories and situations that are based on realistic situations in their workplace; it will improve their job performance.

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