At Lingel Learning we believe learning should be creative, engaging, and most of all authentic. Whether it’s an IT consultant learning to use new software, a nurse refreshing her CPR qualification or a business analyst refreshing his OHS knowledge, we know that all people learn differently. When the learners truly understand the subject matter, they will be motivated and will easily apply it in real life.

We gather the knowledge of educators, the creativity of designers and the skills of developers to create digital experiences that learners will not easily forget. We often use a variety of approaches, such as constructivist, experiential and learner centered, in order to reach all members of the audience. We look at the theoretical approach of Benjamin bloom’s taxonomy of learning to ensure your learners reach the highest order of thinking and your content translates into application in the workplace.

Our eLearning development process focuses on deliverables that can be adapted to fit with your environment, budget, and timeline. This is combined with creative design to deliver materials that will result in clearer understanding and retention rate.

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