Mobile Learning (mLearning) is a growing genre and is fast becoming standard for many organisations. It gives you the power to engage everyone on their own terms and offers instant access to the information they need and the interaction they desire. We can provide a broad range of mobile learning solutions that are optimised for tablets and smart phones.

mLearning is rapidly revolutionising education. It is being widely adopted as an effective and opportune way to implement eLearning solutions. Smartphones and tablet computers are fundamentally transforming how we access our shared knowledge sources by keeping us continuously connected to information. We can deliver digital learning or entertainment experience to anyone anywhere with no compromise in quality. If we can do it on a PC, we can do it on an iPad.

The applications are wide ranging, from interactive videos to 3D simulations.

Options for mobile learning:

  • Virtual simulations
  • compliance training
  • Interactive textbooks
  • Game-based training
  • 3D models
  • Real-time corporate communication updates
  • Systems training for office and field personnel

We produce brilliant, fresh HTML5 that runs on all HTML5-enabled devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod as well as all modern desktop browsers. All of our courses can be made SCORM compliant and can be deployed on any LMS. If an alternative delivery method is required, we can package your courses into standalone applications for iOS and Android platforms and deploy them on alternative platforms.

mLearning is quickly becoming an essential part of many corporate training strategies. mLearning can help your organisation avoid unwanted costs. You can avoid travel to a learning location and instead be connected anywhere at any time. With mLearning, we put the learning virtually in your employee\’s hands.

Other benefits

  • higher training effectiveness
  • improved retention rates
  • improves re-usability and update of course content
  • reduction of classroom training costs

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