How it works

We understand that each client has a unique situation and because of that, we approach each new project with fresh ideas. Our background in educational pedagogy tells us that people learn by experience so we strive to find creative ways to deliver learning that is authentic and provides genuine scenarios.

Our Core Philosophy

We believe that the role of eLearning is to actively engage the learner through visual, oral and textual mediums. Our learners simulate tasks through guided problem solving and are shown relevant examples which may modify existing understanding and allow for creation of new knowledge. We create learning experiences where learners connect with information through the use of multimedia and digital simulations. While meeting our goal of supporting retention and honing skills, learners conceptualize, analyse and truly understand the content we deliver.

The Process

We begin by working with you and your subject matter experts to decide the best approach to meeting your specific needs. We will discuss your organisation’s culture, your project, what ,if any, elearning you currently have in place and what you wish to achieve. Our requirements gathering includes mapping your educational and functional requirements. We start with defining your educational objectives and then perform a needs analysis of your learning requirements. We also evaluate all technical requirements to ensure all needs are met.

After requirements gathering we will present a proposal describing our learning methodology, the development process and timeline. Storyboards and wireframes will be included which will prototype the design and functionality.

We then get straight onto putting our ideas into action. Our development team makes your eLearning come to life. When this is finished we provide you with a prototype of your project.

You will get formal reviews which will allow you to modify, tweak and tell us how we can improve your project.

After prototype sign-off our developers will complete your project and then migrate it to your own development environment or our Lingel Learning hosted environment.

Reflection is a vital part of learning. We will work with your team to create a test group who can reflect on each piece of learning and tell us how we can improve upon it. We think it’s great to support eLearning with collaborative and social media throughout your organisation, such as wikis, discussion groups and instant chat. By using these forums your staff will continue to reflect and learn even after they have finished their course.

Meet and Greet

Requirement Gathering DevelopmentDelivery

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in making the change from paper based training and ordinary, linear eLearning courses to unique, captivating digital experiences.

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