Lingel Learning becomes a Certified Moodle Partner in Australia

Lingel Learning becomes a Certified Moodle Partner in Australia

Moodle’s certified services strengthen in Australia as Lingel Learning officially join the APAC region

Moodle welcomes Lingel Learning to the Certified Partner Network as a Moodle Partner in Australia.

“I am excited to have Lingel Learning officially join the APAC region as they add Australia to their Certified Moodle territories. Sandeep, Gavin and the team have been with the Moodle Partner Program since 2018, servicing the North American marketplace out of offices there and in Melbourne. Lingel Learning have clearly demonstrated growth, commitment and support of the Moodle project over the past few years, so they were a natural choice when the opportunity to bring on an additional Certified Moodle Partner in Australia came about. I look forward to working with them through this expansion and continuing contribution”. ​– Fiona Ong, APAC Channel Manager, Moodle

“We have been servicing the Australian market since 2011 and becoming a Certified Moodle Partner in Australia will now allow us to provide certified Moodle services to our current and future clients.”​Sandeep Gill, Director, Lingel Learning

Sandeep continues, ​“Becoming a Moodle Partner has solidified the hard work our company has undertaken to promote, develop and extend Moodle. We are passionate about Moodle and look forward to bringing the additional resources, knowledge and expertise that being a Certified Moodle Partner will offer our current and future clients”.

Why the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region?

Lingel Learning was founded in Melbourne, Australia and it has always been the home of our headquarters. We have a strong presence and client base across Australia. We are excited to be working closely with Moodle HQ and our Australian team, further growing Moodle in the APAC region to deliver exceptional services to our clients across Australia.

What is a Moodle Partner?

Moodle Partners are experts in educational technology who have years of experience with Moodle projects and the expertise to deliver high quality projects. Moodle Partners have been vetted by Moodle to ensure their knowledge and expertise is up to Moodle standard. Moodle Partners pay a portion of their income to Moodle in the form of royalties. This helps the Moodle project move forward and ensure the ongoing development and support and maintenance of Moodle.

We constantly improve and innovate solutions that help our clients get the most out of their Moodle platform. We offer a diverse range of Moodle services from hosting, development, support, integration, training to course development.
We look forward to continually grow and support the Moodle Community.