Moodle multi-tenancy or as some call it multi-tenant Moodle

Moodle multi-tenancy or as some call it multi-tenant Moodle

A large number of training organisations want to sell their services to multiple smaller training organisations, schools, corporations etc. They want to setup a space on their LMS where these organisations (tenants) can access the training material and manage their users.

The Enterprise size organisations also need a similar setup where they can setup various departments as sub-organisaions or tenants to the main (master) LMS.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we had a Learning Management System that could do out of the box and address the following concerns:

  • Master LMS administrator is able to create a tenant and specify the url that they can use to access the LMS
  • Master LMS administrator is able to define credits (number of users that the newly created tenant can enrol into pre-defined courses)
  • A tenant can have their own unique URL, which is a sub-domian of the primary LMS.
  • A tenant can have their own branded login page
  • A tenant can manage their own users
  • A tenant can be assigned a set of courses which they can access but, are unable to edit.
  • A tenant can enrol their users into the courses that have been assigned to them by the master LMS administrator
  • A tenant can create new courses in their LMS and enrol as many users as they want
  • A tenant can configure and control their own LMS
  • A tenant can view all the reports for their users and courses on the LMS
  • Master LMS administrator can login to each tenant and view reports at a granular level

Unfortunately, Moodle does not offer this feature out-of-box. There were discussions about adding this feature in Moodle 2.2, which was later cancelled.

The good news is, we at Lingel Learning have been busy building a custom Learning Management System called Virtual Slate, which addresses all the above mentioned requirements and a lot more. Virtual Slate is built on top of Moodle and covers all the default features of Moodle, which means you get all the goodness of Moodle and much more in terms of features and enhancements. You can read all about Virtual Slate and its features here. If you need further information on the Virtual Slate multi-tenant solution, please feel free to give us a call at 1300 553 345 or contact us here.