There are many companies out there that have a Learning Management Systems (LMS), but they don’t take advantage of their Intranets to promote and alert staff to upcoming training. SharePoint is a powerful intranet that provides an amazing array of features and there are great ways to connect your LMS and SharePoint Intranet together. Some simple ways to integrate your LMS with SharePoint include:

Promoted Links

Use a Promoted Links App (SP2013) or a Links List Web Part (SP2010) on the homepage of your Intranet, that way staff have a direct link to your LMS. Don’t bury your links deep inside your Intranet, bring them to the homepage where they belong.

If you want to take it a step further you can even audience target your links via security group. This is a great way to tailor links to either a department or individual users, making it even easier to alerts users to upcoming or outstanding courses.


Workflow Approval

Take advantage of SharePoint’s out of the box approval workflow and create an email approval that allows staff to request access to available training courses. The workflow can then obtain approval from the appropriate management and then be workflowed to a LMS administrator who can grant access to the course.

Training Dashboard

If you would like a complete LMS integration, why not use Business Connectivity Services to extract course attendance and course results, then publish this information into a dashboard inside SharePoint, so management can stay up to date with staff training.

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