Sell classroom-courses with sessions, online courses as well as physical goods

Sell classroom-courses with sessions, online courses as well as physical goods

Want to create courses using Moodle and sell them using an actual e-commerce application?

If you are reading this then you either use Moodle already, or are planning to use Moodle to create courses and then sell them online; but, you aren’t sure where to start. If you have previously used Moodle then you know that it already has a paypal plugin built in that allows the existing users to purchase a course using paypal. The issue here is that people can only purchase your courses after they have registered for your moodle site and only then, purchase one course at a time. This is not the most pleasing e-commerce experience for your customers/users. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an application that worked with what you already have (Moodle) and gave you the freedom to use a shopping cart to sell those courses the right way?

enrolmart and moodle

Lingel Learning introduces enrolmart, an advanced ecommerce application (shopping cart) that allows you to sell online courses, face to face sessions, shippable and downloadable products, subscriptions and more, all from one application. You can create courses in Moodle or enrolmart and sync them across to the other platform with one click. You can create voucher codes for your corporate customers who can then provide those codes to their employees, who can purchase the courses free or at a discounted rate. Whether you already use Moodle or are planning to use it in the future, whether you host Moodle with us or you don’t, you can still use enrolmart with all the features listed above and many more.

enrolmart course

enrolmart seamlessly integrates with Moodle and allows you to start selling courses and much more in almost no time at all.

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If you want to start creating courses and do not have Moodle or not sure where to start, call us at 1300 553 345.